The Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was established in 2004 and is one of the most influential departments in terms of growth and facilities. Adhering to the department motto of "Being true and honest, craftsmanship and wisdom", the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is committed to the pursuit of excellent teaching and engineering practice, with the goal of cultivating students' ability to solve practical problems and innovative thinking, to nurture students with mechanical design and electrical control Professional knowledge in the fields of, robotics, etc., and used in communication, teamwork, project management for sustainable development capabilities, and enhance its comprehensive competitiveness.

In recent years, the department focuses on serving regional independent innovation strategy  serving regional independent innovation strategy, revolving around the design and manufacturing technology research of digital and intelligent high-end equipment. We aim to cultivate engineering practical talents through the application of engineering. The cultivation of talents is closely integrated with the actual production of enterprises so that a multi-structure production-learn-research cooperation mechanism is formed with echnological innovation cooperation, by means of a school- enterprise cooperation, and application-oriented talent training as the foundation.



The department adheres to the practical teaching reformation of dual classrooms and internal and external linkages with the goal of cultivating applied technical talents. Through the theory and practice, intracurricular and extracurricular, oundation and innovation, and technology and technique, the students are comprehensively trained in professional technical skills and practical innovation ability. We promote professional development through the integration of production and education by means of a school- enterprise cooperation , so as to facilitate major development. We Unswervingly aim at the achievement of students' abilities, adhere to the trinity structure of "curriculum-practice-ability". We take the classroom as the lead and practice as the link to command abilities to achieve.

In recent years, the department has cooperated with the "International Union of German Youth, Social and Educational Work" (IB) to jointly develop internationally qualified "International Welding Engineers" (IWE), "International Welding Technicians" (IWT), and "International Welding Cooperative training and teaching for "Technician" (IWS), "International Welding Designer" (IWD), "International Welding Quality Inspector" (IWI) and all levels and types of "International Welders". Students can be issued the corresponding qualification certificate approved by the "International Welding Society" (IIW) or "European Welding Federation" (EWF) as soon as they pass the exam.

Teaching Features

More than 30% of the teachers have dual-qualifications in the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 30% of the full-time teachers have a professional title of associate professor and above, 80% of them have a master's degree or above, many have studied overseas, and two tteachers are awarded "Qingdao Lead Teachers". The faculty team won the honorary title of Shandong Provincial Colleges and Universities Youth Innovation Team and Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, fiveShandong Provincial Colleges and one Universities Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards, and one Shandong Provincial Colleges and Universities Science and Technology Award. Three teachers won the third prize in the Shandong University Young Teacher Teaching Competition, three third prizes in the National University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition, one second prize in the Shandong Young Teacher Multimedia Competition, and Shandong University Teacher Information Teaching. There is one second prize winner in the competition. Individual teachers have won awards for outstanding instructors in innovation competitions at the national, provincial, and municipal levels.


The department provides students with two training bases and 20 professional laboratories, covering mechanical design, intelligent manufacturing, robotics and electrical control and other internships or experimental projects, providing high-quality conditions for professional talent training and school-enterprise cooperation. The laboratory is equipped with advanced automated production lines, DMG five-axis machining center, HEXAGON intelligent education CNC five-axis simulator, Mazak CNC machine FANUC/ABB/KUKA industrial robot stand-alone machine and training platform and other international well-known brand training equipment, as well as MTS mechanics Advanced experimental equipment such as testing machine, Oxford spectrometer, HEXAGON coordinate measuring machine, 3D printer, and three-dimensional scanner.
To cultivate students' independent learning ability and to meet their individual development needs, all experimental training areas are open to students, with 60% of the courses being completed in the experimental training area. Students can use these equipment independently to complete their tasks, project work, preparation for competitions, etc. After professional training, students can reach the level of junior engineers when they graduate.

Graduates Development

With the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” strategy of a manufacturing powerhouse and the continuous promotion and application of intelligent manufacturing technology, the demand for high-quality application-oriented talents will increase dramatically. The employment scope of the graduates of our department involves all walks of life, such as automobile manufacturing, emerging industries, machining, instrumentation, etc. After 3 to 5 years of experience and development, some graduates have become the backbone of enterprise technical supervisors. In addition, some graduates choose to enter colleges and universities to continue their studies.

Representative Graduate School List (Part):

Shandong University, Hong Kong Baptist University, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Xidian University.

Graduate Enterprise (Part):

CRRC, State Grid, Xugong Group, Haier Group, Goertek, Tred Electric.