Style Profile : Kate Pickett

Pickett’s Press was founded in 2008, by Kate Pickett. Pickett's Press provides beautiful custom letterpress stationary for all occasions. Kate has loved drawing, illustrations, letterpress printing and beautiful paper practically since birth. After a stint as an investment banker, Kate attended Harvard Business School, where she created her business plan for Pickett’s Press. She followed this formal education with on the job retail training at Kate’s Paperie, as the buyer for stationery for all US stores. Letterpress printing is a craft - lovingly practiced by artisans and enthusiasts. At Pickett’s Press, each piece of paper is hand-fed through antique presses, which allows for the unique look and character. It is a meticulous, finicky, and at times, pain-staking process, but the result is a thing of beauty. And this is why even though letterpress is the oldest form of printing available, Pickett's Press is thrilled to practice it today.

style icons: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn.  I’m old school.  For contemporary, I went to school with Shoshanna (of the eponymous line) since kindergarten and she really does always look fabulous… if only

favorite designers: Alaia; Lanvin; Vince and Theory for everyday; Oscar de la Renta for dressy

favorite stores: Bergdorf Goodman.  Hands down.

handbag: I’m a Birkin girl- I’ve had the same one for fall and the same one for summer since 2003 and wow do those bags wear well!

shoes: Tabitha Simmons; Lanvin flats; Chanel boots; the Jimmy Choo fur lined winter boots

denim: I’m a Jbrand loyalist

city day look:  Winter- black pants, black or gray sweater, Chanel motorcycle boots, great J Mendel fur jacket or Moncler coat on super cold days; fox pompom hat from children’s room at Bergdorf Goodman (shhh… best find in the store!) summer- Black skirt, jimmy choo flats, black t-shirt, blazer sometimes. Always- simple diamond studs

country day look: Skinny cords or leggings; Vince or Ralph Lauren sweater, great boots, Barbour jacket

evening look:  For dressy black tie, an Oscar de la Renta gown, for cocktails I like to vary it up- Alaia, Andrew GN, Carolina Herrera, sometimes even Herve Leger works well.

currently eyeing for your closet: Tabitha Simmons is a fellow mom in my son’s 3rd grad class and I’ve been obsessed with her shoes since preschool… I can’t wait for the denim espadrille sandals.  I also adore Veronica Beard and can’t wait to get my hands on the collarless jacket.

items you splurge on: Coats, handbags and shoes.  With a pair of cheap J.Crew minnie pants, a black t-shirt, a fabulous bag, expensive shoes and a great jacket on can go anywhere.

items you save on: T-shirts and underwear- I buy t-shirts from Joe Fresh and Uniqlo- i love them- and underwear that is JUST like hanky panky from Target

beauty essentials: CeraVe am and pm cream, Anthelios sunscreen, Maybelline great lash mascara

signature scent: It’s been Fracas since I was 18- will never switch! I’m loyal.

salon: Frederic Fekkai- same colorist since I was 18 (gosh I seem boring!)

hotel: Isles de France, St Barths- I’ve been going on my birthday since I turned 30 and have never looked back… my very favorite ever!

restaurant: Sette Mezzo in NYC has seen me through marriages, divorces, children’s births, birthdays, and much more.

3 essentials you can't live without: CeraVe am and pm cream, Anthelios sunscreen and Maybelline great lash mascara

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