Style Profile: Leslie Greenwood

We are so excited to be featuring fitpro, Leslie Greenwood, a lawyer and former dean at a New York City law school, who followed her life-long passion in dance and fitness to pursue a career doing what she loves. Now a seasoned instructor at NYC-based studio SLT, she teaches at their Manhattan, Hamptons and NYC suburb studios. She's also taken her passion on the road and has guest taught at megaformer studios in Sydney and Miami.

Leslie is a former neighbor of mine and she was always running around looking so chic in the latest workout gear! I was so interested to pick her brain and get her expert diet and fitness tips as well as the scoop on SLT, which has amassed a cult-following and was recently featured on Good Morning AmericaOf course, Leslie also knows a thing or two about where to find the most coveted athleisure designers. ;)

Leslie Greenwood SLT NYC

Tell us about SLT and Megaformer and what differentiates them from other workouts.

SLT stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone.  It is a 50-minute Lagree fitness-based workout done on a machine called a megaformer, which is basically an amped-up Pilates reformer with different straps, bands, bars, and handles than the traditional version.  Because the workout requires quick transitions between very challenging moves that work your body in ways other workouts can’t, we say it combines cardio and strength training into one workout.  Though the transitions are fast, the moves themselves are slow and are done to the beat of the music.  These slow, controlled movements work your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which can help create the longer, leaner, and toned look many seek from their workouts.  Because the workout is core-intensive, I’ve had many clients tell me they have abs for the first time at the age of 30, 40, or 50 and/or after having children from regularly doing SLT.  Most people finish the workout feeling challenged, sweaty, shaky, and wanting to come back for more!

For those that cannot attend SLT or Megaformer classes, are there any moves you can do at home?

Well, nothing can truly recreate the megaformer!  But, you can mimic the feeling of the machine at home for a few of our moves.  One is the Spoon.  On a slippery floor (like wood, marble, or tile), sit on the edge of a sturdy chair or bench, placing your hands on the edge of the chair or bench next to your hips with your fingertips facing you.  Place a towel underneath your heels.  Hover your seat off the chair and straighten your legs completely.  Slowly drag your heels back toward your chair or bench keeping straight legs and rounding your spine, bringing chin to chest.  Your hips should come back beyond your arms.  Then, press the heels back out to the starting point keeping straight legs the entire time. Your lower abdominals are the target for this move; try to use them exclusively to draw the hips back and and through.  It’s tough!

How do you stay fit while traveling?

This is a great question because my husband and I love to travel! It's challenging, and it depends largely on where I am. In the winters, we spend time in Miami Beach. Miami Beach also happens to be a fitness mecca with many of the same type of boutique fitness studios I frequent at home, so it's a rather seamless transition. Even when I'm not going to boutique fitness studios there, just playing a few rounds of paddle ball on the beach, taking a long walk down Ocean Drive after dinner, or swimming in the ocean are great ways to sneak in exercise.

Boutique fitness has become a widespread phenomenon. Because I'm so passionate about fitness, it's become part of my traveling experience to find boutique fitness studios I'd like to try when I'm in major cities within the US or around the world. For instance, last summer I guest taught and also took class at Sydney's megaformer studio while on vacation in Australia. It was so fun being halfway around the world and finding a fitness community that loves the megaformer the way I do. It gave me a different view of the culture there, which, by the way, is very fitness-oriented!

As I mention below, part of my fitness philosophy is achieving balance. One reason I work out is so that I can enjoy things like great food and wine and not feel like those things are setting me back in achieving my overall wellness goals. I feel that whatever time off I give myself from regular exercise regime and diet on vacation is well-deserved because I worked hard before I left and will work hard again when I get back to stay on track. Even on vacation, I stay active and still make relatively good diet decisions, but I'm not nearly as regimented as I am when I'm at home.

What are the biggest trends you have been seeing in workout gear lately?  

The fashionistas out there are probably saying, “There are fitness fashion trends?”  The answer is yes, especially now that athleisure wear expands into so much of many women’s daily lives!  Generally, I’ve seen a huge shift over the last five years from women shopping for fitness clothing exclusively at bigger retail stores like Athleta and Lululemon to coveting more boutique brands like Michi, Varley, Alala, and Koral found online or at stores like Bandier (online or in NYC, Southampton, Manhasset, and Dallas) and Carbon38 (online or at their pop-up “beach house” in Bridgehampton this summer).  Athleisure brands are also getting smart about branding.  Just like in non-fitness wear, you can see trademark design elements, e.g. mesh detailing and thicker, high waist band leggings for Michi, the wet look Lustrous leggings for Koral, or the double gold zippers on Varley leggings, so only those who truly know their high-end athleisure wear will be savvy about which designer you’re wearing!

As far as specific trends, I think there’s a lot of play with mesh detailing in leggings, sports bras, and tops.  The mesh detailing allows for a little bit of “functional sexiness,” i.e. you can show a bit of skin without feeling too exposed or uncomfortable when in motion.  You can also find sophisticated yet fun black and white patterns in many brands right now, like Varley, HPE, Strut This, Prism Sport, and Vie Active.  I think women feel comfortable and flattered in a black and white pattern, feel like it can be worn inside and outside the gym/studio without looking unsophisticated, and yet it provides a little bit of fun and variation to a uniform that used to be “all black everything” for so long.  And, as becoming fit and being proud of physical progress has become more and more of a badge of honor for women, I’ve seen the embrace of the sports bra. For years, I think women felt the sports bra was reserved for fitness instructors or to be worn exclusively underneath something else.  Now that women invest so much in their fitness and health and feel proud of their hard work, I see many more taking the plunge to bare (almost) all inside the gym/studio or for a post-workout selfie!

Who are your favorite workout wear/athleisure designers/brands?

I mentioned a number of my favorite brands and designers above, but because the market is expanding so quickly, there are new designers popping up every day, it seems! High fashion designers are doing "pop-up" collaborations, like Cushnie et Ochs with Bandier, or more permanent collaborations like Stella McCartney for Adidas. Two that I didn't mention above that I love are Splits59 and Outdoor Voices.

What is your go-to workout look? Also, is there anything else you throw on to go to and from the studio?

My go to workout look is a loose-fitting and/or cropped tank over a sports bra, then I’ll take the top layer off once things heat up.  I’m a sucker for statement tanks because their messages keep me and my clients smiling throughout the day.  I prefer ankle-length leggings to elongate my legs and typically only wear cropped leggings when I’m spinning.  Because fitness fashion is so ubiquitous these days, I don’t put anything on over my outfit after taking or teaching class in the summertime, but when the weather gets cooler, I slide on No.6 high heeled shearling clogs and one of my favorite longer, flowy Athleta sweatshirts (their sweatshirts are made of the softest French terry fabric!).  

Can you walk us through your typical daily diet?

I am a fanatic about eating cleanly and simply!  And, this might sound strange to some, but I truly LOVE eating the same thing every day.  I eat two organic, cage-free, pasture-raised eggs scrambled in organic coconut oil with avocado toast on a gluten-free English muffin.  I have one cup of Nespresso with breakfast.  Lunch usually consists of salmon with quinoa or farro and some vegetable, like cauliflower or asparagus, or maybe a salad and quinoa or mung bean noodles from Organic Pharmer (an organic, vegan, dairy-free, and soy-free take-out restaurant in Rye Brook, NY).  I usually drink a GT's green kombucha with lunch for an extra probiotic boost.  At night, I always eat organic oatmeal topped with organic blueberries, bananas, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I drink an organic Forager green juice with that.  I don’t always stick to that regimen on weekends because I love eating at restaurants, though I still try to make relatively smart decisions even when I’m out (i.e. maybe I won’t go for the three cheese white pizza, I’ll choose a pizza with spinach and artichokes instead with lots of tomato sauce).

Your hair and makeup look flawless even post-workout! What are your beauty essentials?

Wow, thank you!  My daily hair and makeup regimen has to be very simple and long-lasting, as on a typical day I’m going from studio to studio or running errands after doing something fitness-related.  One product I’m obsessed with right now is Elta MD’s tinted SPF 40 tinted moisturizer and daily sunscreen.  It is so versatile.  It moisturizes my skin without feeling heavy or oily, and it gives me a little bit of coverage without using actual makeup.  This evens out my skin while looking natural and allows me to sweat a little without looking like I have makeup melting off of me!  

Any other health & wellness tips you would like to share?

The main tip I would give would be to try to achieve health and wellness through moderation and balance.  Try to fit a workout in most days of the week.  They don’t have to be as intense as you think, but try to be active for at least 30 minutes five days a week.  You can also find balance in the types of workouts you choose; I wouldn’t recommend doing HIIT workouts 5 days a week.  Alternate intense workouts with less intense workouts like yoga or barre, and alternate more cardio-intensive workouts with strength training or toning workouts like SLT.  You can’t do one type of workout over and over and expect to get well-rounded results.  Plus, doing one type of workout will be more likely to eventually leave you bored and unmotivated.  Finally, as I mentioned before, I’m very regimented during the week with my diet, but I also really love food, wine, and restaurants.  But, I still consider myself “on track” and don’t beat myself up if I eat less than perfect foods on the weekends or on vacation.  That is why I work hard!  

Lastly, do you have any recommendations for a good workout playlist?

My general recommendation is to go with what you enjoy!  What would make you dance around the house or sing out loud if it started playing on the radio, came up in your Pandora rotation, or popped up on your Spotify Discover Weekly?  I started listening to music in the 90’s and 00’s, so I love hip hop and R&B from those years mixed in with pop artists like Britney Spears, Beyonce, or Rihanna.  When I can find a great remix of an older song, I get really excited.  Of course I use newer songs too, but it’s some of the older songs where I see clients get totally immersed in the song and keep pushing through their workout!  Because it’s summer right now, I veer toward lighter, top 40 pop song remixes of summer anthems like Cake By the Ocean (Jumpsmokers Remix) by DNCE and Summer (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix) by Calvin Harris.

Leslie Greenwood Strengthen Lengthen Tone

Style Profile: Janet Gunn - The Grateful Gardenia

Today, we are thrilled to feature Janet Gunn of The Grateful Gardenia blog, where she shares her musings on stylish and healthy living, touching on everything from fashion to travel, cooking and fitness, and living with confidence and gratitude. Having lived a lifetime of experiences ranging from Dallas Cowboys cheerleader to actress to jewelry designer, Janet is truly a multi-faceted woman who has so much creativity and inspiration to share. We can't get enough of Janet's unique style, which exudes her sunny California vibe, while remaining classic, chic and thoroughly modern. Here, Janet shares her fashion and beauty essentials!

Janet Gunn of The Grateful Gardenia

Janet Gunn of The Grateful Gardenia

Signature style: Colorful & classic. Jeans, white shirt, Hermes scarf, Manolo heels and Hermes Kelly Bag.

Style icons: Linda Rodin, Diane Von Furstenberg, Julianne Moore

Favorite designers: Alessandro Michele (Gucci), Nicky and Simone Zimmermann (you feel so feminine and sophisticated), The Row

Favorite places to shop: Zimmermann, Jolie (Newport Beach, CA), Jill Roberts (Beverly Hills), Equipment and Andarosa (Newport Beach)

Shoes: Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Chanel, Tods, Gianvito Rossi

Accessories: Hermes scarf, Hermes cuff, Apple watch, Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets and earrings, Miu Miu sunglasses and Borsalino hat. Iphone (I think it’s an accessory)

Day look: jeans, t-shirt, Hermes scarf, sneakers or my navy blue Chanel tuxedo loafers & my Alice & Olivia jackets. It’s pretty casual here in sunny L.A., so I like to add a scarf with a stylish jacket.

Evening look: White or dark jeans, Zimmermann top, Chanel clutch, Manolo heels... or Ulla Johnson dress and Loeffler Randall sandals

Beach look: I spent this summer in one pieces - Eres, L Space, and Vitamin A / Kaftans from Charo Ruiz, Borsalino hat, Jana Feifer monogrammed beach tote and my new favorite beach towels from The Beach People. Miu Miu sunglasses.

Currently eyeing for your closet: Ulla Johnson (Ruby dress) Gucci leather mid-heel ankle boot (crazy about the pearl heels) Chanel pink clutch.

Items you splurge on: Stylish reading glasses, Hermes scarves, Borsalino hats, face serums, Hermes coffee cups and Chanel flats.

Items you save on: Anything trendy. I’m a fan of Uniqlo for t-shirts and linen shirts and a few basic sweaters. Zara is also a go-to for fun pieces.

Beauty essentials: Bee Venom Rich Face Treatment Cream from Lacreme (incredible moisturizer) Le Mieux Serums, SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE Night Treatment, Lacreme cucumber eye cream, Lacreme rose lip balm, Laura Mercier highlighter (devotion) Dr. Lancer Body Cream, Linda Rodin cleansing powder.

Signature scent: Frederic Malle - Lys Mediterranee

Health and beauty tips: I love to eat healthy foods and fitness is a must. I love pilates, yoga, dance class and I enjoy running. Before I get out of bed every morning I express gratitude, I start at the top of my head to my feet and bless my body parts. I speak positive words about myself, I get a facial once a month and I make time in the morning to read and listen to positive material, so I can start off with a good vibration! All you need is a few minutes...And don’t forget to get together with your friends for a few laughs. How we feel inside is always a reflection of who we are.

Janet Gunn's Style Essentials

Janet Gunn's Style Essentials

Style Profile: Katie Fong

We were so excited to meet up with talented fashion designer, Katie Fong, and visit her beautiful boutique (opened mid-April) on 60 Lewis Street, right off of Greenwich Avenue. Having grown up in Greenwich, CT, after high school, Katie attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and interned for Oscar de la Renta for three years. In 2013 she launched her eponymous label at age 22. While most young designers are trying to determine their target market, Katie knew hers immediately - the women of Greenwich, whose style she describes as effortlessly elegant.

Spring 2015 marks Katie's third ready-to-wear collection and she also does a thriving business in made-to-measure pieces for local women. Apart from her Greenwich store and Manhattan studio, Katie's collection is currently sold exclusively online through the upscale Her design aesthetic is inspired by the artisan traditions of the great European and American ateliers and highlights of her collection include feminine silhouettes using the finest fabrics and details such as lace and intricate embroidery, all manufactured in New York City. For those who live in the area, a stop by Katie's boutique is a must!

Katie Fong

style icons:  Olivia Palermo for modern day styling, and Grace Kelly; her style was so timeless and effortlessly elegant.   

favorite designers:  I’ve always been inspired by Oscar de la Renta (I worked alongside him and his team for 3 years) and Christian Dior in the 50’s.

favorite stores: The Katie Fong Boutique! We just opened in April, and have partnered up with some wonderful accessory vendors to create a unique and inviting shopping experience.

handbag: The Belgian Bag by Hayden Lasher – I take my black one everywhere.

shoes: Manolo Blahnik heels, Chanel Flats… I probably have a dozen Jack Rogers for the summer.

denim:  J Brand or Rag and Bone, always a dark wash in a skinny fit.

city day look: I’m constantly on the go, so comfort is key for me. Black J Brand 811 Photoready Denim, Theory Cotton White Top, flats, and a light scarf by A. Barclay

country day look: The Julie Dress, a white lace and chiffon swing dress, from my Spring 2015 Collection.  It’s the easiest piece to take from day into night just with a change of shoes.

evening look: Lace and silk anything, and probably from my Collection- accessorized with statement earrings, an evening clutch, and simple pumps. 

currently eyeing for your closet: Fairchild & Baldwin Victoria Bag in taupe/white and Andrea del Bello Rock Crystal Quartz Statement Necklace.

items you splurge on: Shoes… my biggest weakness!

items you save on: Dresses! I design so many, I usually always wear my own.

beauty essentials: Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, Organic Almond Oil (amazing as a moisturizer), Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick 

signature scent Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

salon: Christopher Noland in Greenwich

destination: Nantucket, Massachusetts. I’m a New England girl at heart, and I’m most creative when I’m by the water.

hotel: I recently stayed at the Equinox in Manchester, Vermont. It was the perfect low key, relaxing weekend trip, and so beautiful.

restaurant: Le Penguin in Greenwich (and right across from our store!) The most amazing truffle fries….

3 essentials you can't live without: My ivory and white lace dresses (I wear them all year around), my iphone (work consumes my life!) and my moleskin notebooks… I always carry one with me since I’m forgetful if I don’t write something down, plus I never know when I will get an design idea!

Katie Fong Style

Style Profile: Kate Cutshall

We are so thrilled to be partnering with Go Figure Studio during the month of May. This month, new clients that are referred by Go Figure will receive 10% off all Refined Fashion style consulting services! Go Figure is the premier barre studio in Fairfield County, CT with other locations across Westchester County, Nantucket, Palm Beach and Scottsdale. The Figure Method, developed by owner Cindy Sites, combines the best of ballet, yoga and pilates.

Kate Cutshall is the Darien, CT studio director and one of our favorite instructors. She has such high energy, plays the best playlists, and you feel the burn days after class. Did we mention she sometimes rocks Ryan Gosling leggings in class?  Kate was a classically trained ballerina for over 20 years so with Go Figure she has come full circle at the barre. She recently developed the new GLOW class, which is a cardio dance inspired work out designed for the client that is looking to incorporate a little more cardio into their weekly burn. It's a fun, upbeat, high energy's INTENSE. If you live in the area, you must pop into one of Kate's classes! 

Kate Cutshall

style icons: Lately, I have been really loving Olivia Palermo. She doesn't have a mis-step! I love her laid back city vibe as much as when she's dolled up - she makes it look effortless! I also adore Lauren Santo Domingo -  she's got the brains and beauty! I admire Ivanka Trump - an entrepreneur and a mother!

favorite designers: By Malene Birger,  Tibi, Allude Cashmere & Harvey Faircloth has become a staple in my closet from tops to sweaters to day and cocktail dresses - classic American style that always makes you feel and look good.

favorite stores: I grew up down south in North Carolina - fashion was a big part of our every day (we were a lot more formal then!). Needless to say, several friends of mine have their own boutiques and they are kind enough to outfit me - it's great because they have introduced me to some amazing new designers. If you're ever in Raleigh, stop by Fleur Boutique and say hello! I also love 5th floor BG's, Saks, Intermix and Calypso.

handbag: My every day running around with the kids is the Hermes Evelyne bag - it allows me to be hands-free! Otherwise, I am loving my new Celine bag - I feel so chic!

shoes: Last summer I invested in the Valentino Rock Stud Pumps - I'm so glad I did...they go with everything and I wear them all the time! Otherwise, I run around in Chloe flats...they are so comfortable. Pumps: Louboutin, Valentino.  Flats: Chloe, Jimmy Choo.

denim Frame denim are my new favorite - especially the distressed kind. But I still love and wear J Brand and AG - especially the kind with stretch!

city day look: Black and white Iro jacket, white cami from Tibi, Frame denim jeans or black 3.1 Phillip Lim jodhpur pants and Chanel flats

country day look: I'm a busy Mom of 2 pre-schoolers so my style has changed since my days as a working gal in NYC. Right now, I love Frame Denim, breezy tops from Vince accessorized with a Mignonne Gavigan scarf necklace and Valentino flats.

evening look: In the winter, I love black leather leggings with a cashmere sweater with heels or booties. Summertime, I'm all about the white jeans and heels or a jumpsuit!

currently eyeing for your closet: Chloe Drew Bag

items you splurge on: Shoes and bags!

items you save on: Tops, t-shirts, anything that I know can get ruined by a toddler.

beauty essentials: Loving BB cream lately and can't leave the house without bronzer and Chanel cream blush - it lasts all day!

signature scent Diptyque Eau Moheli

salon: Lea Arpell at Dream Spa is an artiste!

destination: Paris

hotel: Viceroy, Anguilla

restaurant: Raoul's, NYC

3 essentials you can't live without: A great pair of sunglasses (right now Ray Ban Flash or Celine), my Van Cleef clover earrings (a birthday gift from my husband), Chanel lip gloss!

A few other healthy lifestyle-specific questions for Kate!

favorite brands for workout clothes? Hands down, Splits59 are my favorite workout clothes. The fit of the leggings are perfect - they pull you in and make your legs look great. I also have a fun pair of Ryan Gosling pants with pictures of his face all over my legs - they are hip and add a little humor to my classes. People always stop me and ask where I got them - Clashist carries them.

most effective exercises for targeting specific areas? My favorite part of class is thigh. One, it allows me to be the most creative with my choreography, but two it's the part of class where you burn the most calories, which will ultimately change the body. Of course it's the part of class where I always hear the most moans and groans, but I just take that as a compliment. 

go-to diet to keep you energized and healthy? I like to start my day off with granola, yogurt and berries...I try to add in protein like peanut butter toast if I know I have to teach classes - it fills you up and gives you energy.

Kate Cutshall Style Profile

Style Profile : Claire Khodara

International recording artist Claire Khodara runs STARROCK PRODUCTIONS, an entertainment company based in London and New York City. Since 2011, STARROCK PRODUCTIONS has provided live music for celebrity weddings to corporate and private events. STARROCK PRODUCTIONS' acts outfit the most private member clubs including the Arts Club, Annabel’s, and the Shoreditch House in London, and the Soho House in New York City. STARROCK PRODUCTIONS' clients include Condé Nast, The Pierre Hotel, and the Soho House Group.  

She performs every Tuesday evening at the Pierre Hotel from 6:30pm - 9:30pm. 



style icons: Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Gisele, my sister Grace Fuller, my mother-in-law Mara Khodara

favorite designers: Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Charles Youssef, ZAC by Zac Posen 

favorite stores: Kirna Zabete, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's

handbag: Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote for the summer

shoes: Superga

denim: Frame

city day look: ETRO scarf, Zara leather jacket, Rag & Bone T Shirt, Chanel flats, FRAME Le Skinny de Jeanne Jeans

country day look: Anne Fontaine white blouse, mom's 35 year old brown cowboy boots, Paige denim flares

evening look: ZAC by Zac Posen dress, Charlotte Olympia heels 

currently eyeing for your closet: Katie Ermilio lace skirt

items you splurge on: handbags & shoes 

items you save on: t shirts, casual clothes, gym wear 

beauty essentialsDior Addict Lip Maximizer

signature scent: Penhaligon's Eau Sans Pareil

salon: John Barrett at Bergdorf's

destination: St. Tropez w french hubby 

hotel: Isle de France in St. Barth's & Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St. Moritz - but my favorite in the world is Casa Colonial in the Dominican Republic

restaurant: ABC Kitchen in NYC

3 essentials you can't live without: Tangle Teezer hair brushLa Prairie Creme Caviar Luxe, and Cartier reversible belt

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Style Profile : Kate Pickett

Pickett’s Press was founded in 2008, by Kate Pickett. Pickett's Press provides beautiful custom letterpress stationary for all occasions. Kate has loved drawing, illustrations, letterpress printing and beautiful paper practically since birth. After a stint as an investment banker, Kate attended Harvard Business School, where she created her business plan for Pickett’s Press. She followed this formal education with on the job retail training at Kate’s Paperie, as the buyer for stationery for all US stores. Letterpress printing is a craft - lovingly practiced by artisans and enthusiasts. At Pickett’s Press, each piece of paper is hand-fed through antique presses, which allows for the unique look and character. It is a meticulous, finicky, and at times, pain-staking process, but the result is a thing of beauty. And this is why even though letterpress is the oldest form of printing available, Pickett's Press is thrilled to practice it today.

style icons: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn.  I’m old school.  For contemporary, I went to school with Shoshanna (of the eponymous line) since kindergarten and she really does always look fabulous… if only

favorite designers: Alaia; Lanvin; Vince and Theory for everyday; Oscar de la Renta for dressy

favorite stores: Bergdorf Goodman.  Hands down.

handbag: I’m a Birkin girl- I’ve had the same one for fall and the same one for summer since 2003 and wow do those bags wear well!

shoes: Tabitha Simmons; Lanvin flats; Chanel boots; the Jimmy Choo fur lined winter boots

denim: I’m a Jbrand loyalist

city day look:  Winter- black pants, black or gray sweater, Chanel motorcycle boots, great J Mendel fur jacket or Moncler coat on super cold days; fox pompom hat from children’s room at Bergdorf Goodman (shhh… best find in the store!) summer- Black skirt, jimmy choo flats, black t-shirt, blazer sometimes. Always- simple diamond studs

country day look: Skinny cords or leggings; Vince or Ralph Lauren sweater, great boots, Barbour jacket

evening look:  For dressy black tie, an Oscar de la Renta gown, for cocktails I like to vary it up- Alaia, Andrew GN, Carolina Herrera, sometimes even Herve Leger works well.

currently eyeing for your closet: Tabitha Simmons is a fellow mom in my son’s 3rd grad class and I’ve been obsessed with her shoes since preschool… I can’t wait for the denim espadrille sandals.  I also adore Veronica Beard and can’t wait to get my hands on the collarless jacket.

items you splurge on: Coats, handbags and shoes.  With a pair of cheap J.Crew minnie pants, a black t-shirt, a fabulous bag, expensive shoes and a great jacket on can go anywhere.

items you save on: T-shirts and underwear- I buy t-shirts from Joe Fresh and Uniqlo- i love them- and underwear that is JUST like hanky panky from Target

beauty essentials: CeraVe am and pm cream, Anthelios sunscreen, Maybelline great lash mascara

signature scent: It’s been Fracas since I was 18- will never switch! I’m loyal.

salon: Frederic Fekkai- same colorist since I was 18 (gosh I seem boring!)

hotel: Isles de France, St Barths- I’ve been going on my birthday since I turned 30 and have never looked back… my very favorite ever!

restaurant: Sette Mezzo in NYC has seen me through marriages, divorces, children’s births, birthdays, and much more.

3 essentials you can't live without: CeraVe am and pm cream, Anthelios sunscreen and Maybelline great lash mascara

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Style Profile : Malini Murjani

Avant-garde designer and style icon Malini Murjani was born in Hong Kong and raised in London, Switzerland, and New York. A true child of the universal art and fashion worlds, Malini attributes her love affair with aesthetics to her musings with an array of cultures and stylings. Malini was first propelled into the international spotlight as a result of her roles as creative director and consultant to legendary fashion houses spanning from Tommy Hilfiger to Halston. While perfecting her craft, she was inspired to launch her own line of luxury accessories, thereby christening the birth of the acclaimed Malini Murjani brand. The line, founded upon an intermingling of exotic skins, edgy metals, bold tones, and classic shapes, embodies the designer's rich upbringing. 

Malini Murjani

style icons: Coco Chanel, Gwen Stefani (love what she wore to the Grammys!) Sienna Miller

favorite designers: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney 

favorite stores: Kirna Zabete, NYC. 10 Corso Como, Milan. Stacey Todd, LA

handbag: Malini Murjani Blondie wood clutch and anything python

shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Alaia

denim: R13

city day look: The Row….jeans, boots, silk blouse, long gold chains

country day look: Isabel Marant … leggings, Hunter boots, Rag and Bone cashmere sweaters

evening look: so depends on my mood - skinny jeans with Charlotte Olympia pumps, jacket OR a dress…

currently eyeing for your closet: A vintage cuff

items you splurge on: boots, sunglasses and art!

items you save on: Handbags- always carry my own

beauty essentials: Mario Badescu products, Bliss body butter, Tracie Martyn eye pads

signature scent: Tom Ford 

salon: Sally Hershberger 

destination: Udaipur, India

hotel: Taj Lake Palace

restaurant: Nobu, Malibu

3 essentials you can't live without: Iphone, Sunglasses and my 4 year old daughter

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Style Profile : Pili Restrepo

Pili Restrepo is a Colombian-born business major turned jewelry designer. A longtime admirer of the fine arts and artisan design practices, Pili created her jewelry line, PR Series to complement the woman who appreciates a good story, be it a fairy tale or a fleeting moment, the story is at the heart of Pili's work.  In 2012, Pili decided to branch out on her own with a personal mission to create for the woman who embraces life and to never compromise quality for quantity. New York inspired and New York made, each piece in the PR Series collection is born from a good story. Month to month, a unique, stand-alone piece is released and the theme changes accordingly. Evolution being at the heart of the PR Series philosophy, each piece easily transitions from day to night, season-to-season, story to story. 

Pili's newest collaboration is with Charles Harbison for HARBISON. They will present on February 17th, 2015 during New York Fashion Week.


Photo Credit : Larry Busacca

style icons: Diane Keaton in Manhattan, Iris Apfel, Coco Chanel, Lauren Baccall

favorite designers: There are too many!  To name a few: Comme des Garcons, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Marni, Tibi, Proenza Schouler.  

favorite stores: Maryam Nassir Zadeh,  Creatures of Comfort, Kirna Zabete, A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco in Florence Italy

handbag: clutch!  

shoes: an Acne patent loafer, an Alaia sandal or a Prada pump. 

denim: vintage

city day look: backpack (with clutch inside), black jeans, big scarf, Harbison coat, loafers/broguers, lasgodivas cuff bracelet 

country day look: Suzanne Rae's flowy pieces and the comfiest and chunkiest sweater

evening look: open back, a clutch, red lip and a PR Series piece of jewelry 

currently eyeing for your closet: the perfect trench coat 

items you splurge on: sweaters, coats, shoes, beauty products 

items you save on: gym clothes, handbags, and the "everyday" essentials - tees, shirts, jeans.

beauty essentials: argan oil, darphin satin oil, Embryolisse, Oribe dry texturizer, Rahua shampoo, Mac liner in Teddy, RMS illuminator, Lancome mascara.

signature scent: Voyage d' Hermes

salon: I rarely get a blow dry and usually get my hair done in Colombia but lately I have been going to Aki at Cowlicks Japan here in NYC.  He is fantastic!

destination: Dominican Republic

hotel: The Crosby

restaurant: Fat Radish or Uncle Boons

3 essentials you can't live without: hand cream, my sketch book, and a nice tinted lip balm (currently loving EM pillow plush in berry)




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Style Profile: Hayden Lasher

Today, we are thrilled to feature our friend, Hayden Lasher, an up-and-coming designer who I was privileged to work with at Oscar de la Renta. In 2014, Hayden launched her namesake handbag collection which is sold exclusively at the iconic New York retailer, Belgian Shoes and Her sophisticated handbags are instant classics; hand-crafted of fine Italian leathers, their design and quality will stand the test of time. As great-grand niece to Henri Bendel, fashion is in her genes. In addition to her incredible talent and eye for design, she also has an impeccable sense of style. Here, Hayden shares some of her style essentials!

Hayden Lasher

Hayden Lasher

style icons: My mother, Lynn Lasher…she has real style and something even more important: taste. Others include: Queen Letizia of Spain, Katharine Hepburn and Coco Chanel. 

favorite designers: Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Roland Mouret, Alexander McQueen- I think they really know how to make women feel beautiful!

favorite stores: Five Story and Beretta.

handbag: A Hayden Lasher Belgian Bag…of course!  If you carry a great handbag, you can wear anything and go anywhere. 

shoes:  Pumps: Oscar de la Renta: I designed a pair of pumps for my wedding and I dyed them black so I can wear them all the time- they are always my go to for a night out on the town.  Flats: Belgian Shoes - any color! 

denim:  Mother jeans...don't be fooled by the name...they are not your mother's jeans.  They have the perfect skinny jean and the most comfortable lazy day jeans...what more do you need? 

city day look: For tearing around town...I am usually in a black cigarette pant, with a silk blouse, my leopard belgian shoes and a black belgian bag

country day look: Jeans, monogramed Lucchese boots, a Beretta blazer and a brown pebbled belgian bag.

evening look: Tibi - silk faille full skirt - its very flattering silhouette and always makes me feel flirty and you can dress it up or down with either a cotton top or this j.w. anderson crepe top 

currently eyeing for your closet: A Rendor and Steel white gold Electron Ring- its the perfect everyday piece and a Chelsea Scarf from the Katie Fong Collection...its the easiest thing to throw on to go from a day to night look.

lusting over: This embroidered Oscar de la Renta dress 

items you splurge on: I am a sucker for a great can always wear something conservative and wow with a statement coat and bag.  Hermes scarves are another weakness of mine- nothing is chicer than jeans, a white shirt and an hermes scarf.  For my home, I cant resist splurging on the White Flower candle from the Ritz in Paris.  

items you save on: Anything trendy...I buy most of my trendy items from Zara.  Its an easy way to get the play around with new styles without investing too much.  Even if the trend comes back in style again one will want something new.

beauty essentials: Laura Mercier “Oleander” cream blush – great for a matte lip too! Also, Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing oil - smells amazing and gives you a really great glow. Lastly, Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner is a must for harsh New York Winters...

signature scent: Miss Dior Cherie - I have worn it for years and I love that my friends can pass other people wearing it on the street and think of me.  

salon: Frederik Fekkai

destination: Positano, Italy.

hotel: Le Sireneuse Hotel in Positano, Italy

restaurant: Le Bilboquet or Ralph Lauren Polo Bar

3 essentials you can't live without: A sketchpad/pencil (that counts as one right?  I'm greedy), a great book - right now, I'm reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and a Belgian Bag to tote the other two around. :)

Hayden's Style Essentials

Hayden's Style Essentials

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Style Profiles: Michelle Tashjian

Michelle Tashjian

Michelle Tashjian, owner and co-founder of Refined, shares some of her fashion and beauty essentials.

designer: Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren

style icons: Loulou de la Falaise, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin

handbag: Hermes Trim 

shoes: Anything bejeweled or metallic

heels: Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Pierre Hardy  Flats: Chanel, Tod's driving loafers 

denim: Frame, Jbrand, Acme

city day look:  Sweater, jeans and flats

country day look: Jeans, riding boots, Barbour jacket

evening look: Short cocktail dress or short skirt and blouse , heels and small clutch

beauty essentials: Ivo Pitanguy products

fragrance: Creed Spring Flowers

3 items you can't live without: Passport, Camera, Party dress

shops: Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Harvey Nichols, Le Bon Marche

destination: Patmos, Greece

hotel: The Carlyle

restaurant: French Laundry

Style Profiles: Courtney Gonzalez

Photo by James Christianson

Photo by James Christianson

Courtney Gonzalez, owner and co-founder of Refined, shares some of her style essentials.

describe your style: classic and chic with a flair for ultra-feminine details

style icons: Nan Kempner, Diana Vreeland, Lauren Santo Domingo, Olivia Palermo, Caroline Seiber

designer: Oscar de la Renta

handbag: Goyard tote and Chanel 2.55

shoes: Stubbs and Woottons or Chanel ballet flats for day, Christian Louboutin or Valentino heels for evening

denim: Jbrand

city day look: silk blouse, dark skinny denim, ballet flats

country day look: chunky sweater, jodhpurs, camel coat or cape, riding boots

evening look: cocktail dress, statement earrings, Chanel bag and heels

beauty essentials: YSL Touche Eclat, Guerlain bronzer, Avene spring water spray, Klorane dry shampoo

fragrance: Jo Malone Orange Blossom and Red Roses

3 items you can't live without: family, friends & faith

shops: I love to mix high and low... Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Intermix, Ralph Lauren, Zara, J.Crew.

destination: Paris, Vail

restaurant: le Bilboquet in NYC, where my husband and I went on our first date!